Limited Edition Sweatcoin by yourban - YOURBAN
Limited Edition Sweatcoin by yourban - YOURBAN
Limited Edition Sweatcoin by yourban - YOURBAN
Limited Edition Sweatcoin by yourban - YOURBAN
Limited Edition
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Limited Edition Sweatcoin by yourban

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Sweatcoin Limited Edition

 "SWEATCOIN Limited Edition" is an exclusive product for SweatCoin users

At YOURBAN we love SWEATCOIN, that's why we are very happy to present the limited and exclusive edition of our mask for all SWEATCOIN users.

Obtaining your free Sweatcoin Limited Edition mask is very simple:

1) Enter SWEATCOIN and get your discount code

2) Add Your SWEATCOIN mask to your cart

3) Enter the exclusive code you have obtained in the app

Our masks are made in four layers. Two outer layers in cotton and two inner layers not visible in TNT (non-woven fabric) with a composition of 100% polypropylene, whose function is to filter and contain the passage of particles. Endorsed for its biocompatibility with the skin, TNT is a material specially indicated for use in hygienic masks. This non-woven fabric is sewn into the intermediate layers of the mask so that they are not replaceable. Our masks do not contain latex.


Our masks are an ideal complement for the fight against COVID-19, but their use does not exclude you from following the WHO recommendations. Maintaining social distance and washing your hands properly can save your life.


Our masks are currently manufactured in one size. We manufacture two models, one designed for adults (from 12 years old) and children, designed for children between 6 and 12 years old. Our design adjusts to almost any type of face thanks to its elastics that cover all the ends of the mask, providing a great fit.

Cleaning the mask

Every 4 hours of use and to keep your mask in perfect condition as long as possible, a complete washing cycle must be carried out (moisten, wash, rinse), with the usual detergent, at 60 ° C / 140ºF, with air drying , never in tumble dryer. We do not recommend the use of any other chemical agent.
In the event that its use has been punctual and you have respected all the recommendations of the WHO, you can sanitize the mask by spraying in the areas that you have manipulated alcohol diluted in water in a proportion of 70-30%, allowing to air dry before returning to use.
If you have further questions you can consult our FAQ or contact us through  here

Be aware and use your mask responsibly

"This device is not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42 or Regulation EU / 2017/745, it is not personal protective equipment (PPE) within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2016/425"

Color: según imagen mostrada
Size: única
Material: 98% algodón 2% Polyester. Los materiales de los accesorios pueden variar

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